Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Irony of it all

stolen and posted without fucking permission from post secret

look to the past to determine the present....Woooooo, some deep ass shit...sorry bout that, really needed to let some gas out...been constipated for too damn long...oh, sorry....your boy's back ;-)

so yeah...like always, as usual..same shit, different day...same ol scenario, same ol fucking rain...left the fryin pan for the fire...fuuuucked up...would love to play fucking victim, would really fucking love that shit..like oh, wtf did i do to deserve this shit??? i was nice, i was this, i was FUCKING that...FUCK!!!!

...fuck off...it might be fucked up...but at the very least i fucked it all up...my choice no one elses, fucked according to my own accord...this much i have left...a choice...choices made in the past that comes back with a fucking hammer to fuck with everyone of us.

i had one...i still do in fact...a choice...tho i still have a hammer but that's beside the point.

Yup, life is having a fucking laugh....laugh all you fucking want, i'm getting used to being a joke anyways. Been happening all my fucking life....fuck all of you, everyone of you fucks, rott in hell, FUCK OFF!!!...at what point in my fucking life will i stop having to put up with all this shit? i'm so fucking tired of this, exhausted.

really, i am...

it's like the more i try to believe, the bigger the shit blows over....like, wtf did i do??? yeah, i know....i know...half of it was my fucking fault, i choose to be in this. no one used a gun to force me into it...even then i do have a choice. fuck, fuck all this ... i dont even know wtf this is for anymore....like why the fuck should i do what i do when all it ever brought me was shit like this? i guess i'm too much of a romantic, that lil fucking rocky balboa in me that wants to go down fighting...im just not sure if i can handle shit like that anymore.

yeah, it's coming from all fronts now...professionally and personally...well, at least that was what i fucking thought....like i was being fucking delusional that it was ONLY that...before this, at the very least i had the pleasure of having 2 fucking problems seperated....i had that line...that fucking boundary...that lil fucking space to keep me fucking sane but guess what?!!!

it's all fucked up now....mixed up, fucked up...it's another level now that i'm not even allowed room to fucking breathe...i'm not so sure anymore, this is NOT what i signed up for, this not why i bust my ass for, this is not what i would expect to put up with....im not even sure i can, im not even sure i want to.

oh well, u know what they fucking say with expectations...was i expecting too much? i dont fucking think so...i really dont...u see, i dont mind problems...but wtf does it need to come to this? do i have a "fuck with me pls" sign on my forehead?

ok, dont answer that...FUCK OFF.

laugh all u fucking want.

"A liberal is a person whose interests aren't at stake at the moment." - Willis Player