Saturday, February 23, 2008

little baby nothing

Everything has a reason, an excuse, a circumstance and 2 ways to describe the same entity.

I chose one.

No one likes looking at you
Your lack of ego offends male mentality
They need your innocence
To steal vacant love and to destroy
Your beauty and virginity used like toys

My mind is dead, everybody love's me
Wants a slice of me
Hopelessly passive and compatible
Need to belong, oh the roads are scarey
So hold me in your arms
I wanna be your only possession

- Manic Street Preachers feat Traci Lords Little Baby Nothing

Monday, February 11, 2008

simple arithmetics

"What you're having is a creative outburst"

"Write, draw, get a new book and read, go shopping, drink... keep yer hands busy"

yeah yeah, all this melancholy is probly a phase.

However, for as long as I can remember...

Anyways, did Feist won a grammy?

"one, two, three, four,
tell me that you love me more.
sleepless, long nights.
that was what my youth was for.
oh, teenage hopes
arrive at your door
left you with nothing,
but they want some more
oh, oh, oh,
you're changing your heart.
oh, oh, oh,
you know who you are.
sweetheart, bitterheart,
now i can't tell you apart.
cozy and cold,
put the horse before the cart.
those teenage hopes,
who have tears in their eyes.
too scared to own up
to one little lie."

- Feist 1,2,3,4

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Long Road Home

It's just one of those days where u wake up realizing that you didn't exactly left the bullshit that was happening in your life the last 10 years.

It's just been different faces, different places, different paths that leads to the same destination ... same ol scenario, nothing's really changed.

I feel lost today, this feels vaguely familiar...

I thought I've left you only for you to come back haunting...


"How about some credit now
Where credit is due
For the damage that was done
We have wrought upon ourselves and others
With this blow, and vicious gun
And although pratfalls can be fun,
Encores can be fatal"

- Andrew bird Heretic